To complete this assignment, you must answer the following 15 questions by following links to the websites provided after each set of questions.. As a result of this activity, you will be able to identify and classify Polygons.

Please record your answers to each of the 15 questions on a separate sheet of paper to be collected 4/15. There is no need to re-write the questions, just the labeled answers as if it was notes for your notebook. (they will be returned to you.)

Tip: Look at all of the questions to be answered on the sight before visiting the sight to make your life easier! All of the answers are there, however if you are having trouble answering a specific question, you may want to consult your notes or textbook since we have answered all of these questions in class.

1. Define a polygon.

2. Draw 3 examples of polygons. Label the sides and vertices.
3. Draw 3 examples of figures that are NOT polygons.

polygon examples

4. What does it mean to be a regular polygon?
5. How do we classify polygons?
6. What is a 4 sided polygon?
7. What is a 12 sided polygon?
classifying polygons

8. Make a chart for the special names of polygons from a 3-gon through a 10-gon.

classifying polygons

9. What is a segment called that connects a vertex of a polygon with another nonadjacent vertex?

polygon segments

10. Draw an example of a concave polygon, and describe "concave" in your own words.
11. Draw an example of a convex polygon, and describe "convex" in your own words.

12. How do you find the sum of the measures of the interior angles of a polygon?
13. Using the formula, what would the interior angles of a pentagon add up to?

Polygon interior angles

14. What do the exterior angles of any polygon add up to?
15. What is the sum of only one exterior angle of a regular hexagon?

external angles of a polygon