RULES, POLICIES, and PROCEDURES -click here for printable version-
Who: Mrs. Heckman
What: Math Class
Where: Classroom 144

Classroom rules:
  • Obey all school rules.
    • Be in class on time, carry your hall pass with you, use restroom sign-out procedures, and leave all food, beverages, electronics, and hats behind.

  • Respect the teacher(s) and your classmates.
    • Do not talk during instruction time, keep your hands to yourself, and use only non-offensive language and behavior in the classroom.

  • Stay in your assigned seat unless otherwise given permission.
    • Movement around the room to go to the trash can or pencil sharpener is distracting, and can wait until an appropriate time.

  • Attend to personal needs before class.
    • Do your moisturizing and primping outside of class please, and stop by the water fountain on your way to class.

Tests 40%
Quizzes 20%
Class-work 30%
Homework 10%

Tests (40%) and Quizzes (20%): Tests will always be announced. Quizzes may or may not be announced, and will occur more frequently than tests. Unannounced notebook quizzes may include questions on dated ATB problems, definitions, examples, and class-work assignments.

Class-work/Participation (30%):
In addition to graded class work assignments, students will earn up to 5 points per day for a cumulative class grade (a 25 point grade each week). The points each day are earned as follows:
  • 1 pt for being in your seat prepared with a pencil, paper, and calculator when the bell rings
  • 1 pt for completing the “at the bell problem” (ATB) without being told
  • 1 pt for following all classroom rules
  • 1 pt for actively participating in the lesson by raising your hand to ask or answer questions or to put homework problems on the board
  • 1 pt for completing the closure activity or the “ticket out the door”

Homework (10%):
Homework is important to practice and master new concepts and will be assigned frequently. Each assignment will be graded as a 0, 1, or 2, depending on whether it is not done, partially complete, or entirely complete.

Absences: Students are encouraged to come to class since new material will be covered every day. Unexcused absences warrent a “0” for that day’s class grade and assignments.

Upon returning from a necessary absence, it is the students’ responsibility to…

  1. check the updated “what did I miss” calendar for what was covered at
  2. look in their folder for any missed printouts
  3. copy any missed notes and ATBs from a responsible classmate
  4. make arrangements with Mrs. Heckman to make up any missed tests after school and any missed quizzes in school.

The same number of days that the student was absent will be given as an extension to make up past-due class work and homework assignments.

Note: If a student only misses a test review day, he or she is still expected to take the test with the class upon returning to school.

Please take note of your Math teacher contact information:

Mrs. K. Heckman
Phone: (570)839-7121 ext. 81400